The Diet Center will provide you with answers to all your weight and nutrition related medical problems.

With its many divisions, the Diet Center will tailor an individualized health and diet plan that will surely suit your dietary needs and goals.

Our Services Include

  • Nutritional consultation
  • Designing nutrition & diet programs through our clinic
  • Marketing and Production of a variety of great-tasting light food through our shops
  • Implementing healthy lifestyle principles through education and awareness building
  • Operation of Fine dining restaurants and cafés
  • Events catering

Diet Center Divisions

The center includes the following divisions:

1. Diet Center Clinics

Here you will be able to meet with a dietitian to discuss and consult on your diet and food habits. The dietitian will make an assessment and give you answers that are tailored to your health needs. You can either take your health plan and follow it up on your own or you will be provided with a complete program from the center.

2. Diet Center Kitchen

Our healthy kitchens is where all your nutritious and healthy food is prepared, and where professional chefs are further trained in the nutritional field. Our employees work around the clock to prepare food that is suitable for your needs. That is how your food reaches you, hassle free, without having to worry about cleanliness, safety or even taste!

3. Diet Shop - Take Away & Delivery service

The shops are the most convenient places to order a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner from. Your orders will be delivered to you, anywhere. You can also come in and shop at these stores for dietetic products, as well as desserts and sweets, and take your meal with you.

4. Catering Services

We offer complete catering services for events and occasions:

-       Exhibitions
-       Conferences
-       Medical symposiums
-       University Gatherings and receptions
-       Business meetings
-       Meetings
-       Gala dinners
-       Weddings
-       Receptions

We also provide healthy lunch boxes for:

-       Conferences
-       Exhibitions at schools
-       Medical symposiums
-       University activities
-       Films shooting  (video clips, advertisements, ….)
-       TV programs

5. NDC international Holding - Management Company

The Nutrition and Diet Center Holding Co. has the task to franchise the concepts of the Diet Center and the Diet Shop, throughout the Arab region and beyond.

Interested investors are invited to get in touch with our corporate offices in Beirut -Lebanon:

Phone: 961 1 316806
Fax: 961 1 311030.


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