All about Detox

Do you want to CLEAN your body from toxins?


Do you feel you have some EXTRA WEIGHT that needs to be shed?

Diet center proudly offers you today its new program:



Since one year, the Diet Center team researched a new program to add it as a development in our center: it is the “21 Day Detox Diet Program”.

This new program is rich in legumes, antioxidant salads, high fiber soups, green tea, omega 3 rich fish, oats and a wide variety of detox juices (mango mania, green chlorophyll, etc…).


It will help you detoxify your body of all the toxins that build up with time due to its richness in antioxidants that help you fight off free radicals.

It will help you also lose weight in a short period of time!


We will avoid during the detox program the following items:

  1. alcohol

  2. processed food

  3. milk and cheese

  4. wheat products

  5. chocolate and other sweets

  6. artificial sweeteners ( you can use plant based sweeteners instead)

We also ask you to limit your coffee to one per day.

You can have 1 diet gaseous drink per day, 2 sugar free gum or candy per day and decaffeinated coffee as desired.


Call us now on 01-316806 or 01-309450 to book your appointment! Specially priced package for 660 $!


We hope that you will benefit from our newest program created to match your expectancy and satisfaction! We are always up to date researching and executing the latest nutrition and health programs tailor made to you!

The Doctors

Sawsan Wazzan Jabri appeared in the Doctors’episode on Saturday, March 3 2012 on Dubai Tv to share all her healthy tips.

How to change your lifestyle from unhealthy to healthy?

Knowing that the prevalence of obesity is increasing and in an alarming rate, consequently, the risk of diseases like diabetes and hypertension is attaining people in all ages; Change can start by making the right modifications in our diet and establish the good eating habits since childhood

Teaching children the right way to eat

St. Famille school’s students and their teachers
On Thursday 8th of March, the Diet Center welcomed 40 students and their teachers from St. Famille school. Knowing that Education builds our kids future, Why not teaching them nutrition as well:How to eat healthy to prevent obesity and the resulting diseases in adulthood such as hypertension, diabetes, heart problems.Children were taught how to choose healthy food, they learned about the food groups and the important benefits of each on their health. They visited the Diet Center’s Kitchen were all the healthy food also full of taste were being made. After exposing them to all important nutrition information, they participated in an interesting activity based on what they learned throughout the visit.Finally, students and their teachers enjoyed a healthy low fat snacks all signed by Diet Center.

Rafic Hariri High School

Rafic Hariri High School  

In the presence of H.E. Mrs. Bahia Hariri, The nutrition and Diet center held a seminar at Rafic Hariri High School (RHHS) on January 12, 2012 to discuss family nutrition and obesity, and to emphasize on the new project that started in 2011 and is successfully in progress for the year 2012, the one of its kind School Nutrition Intervention by Diet Center.

Mrs. Sawsan wazzan Jabri and her team started the presentation by explaining what is obesity emphasizing on the importance of nutrition to prevent obesity and other related diseases such as cholesterol and Hypertension.
The importance of food groups was discussed, along with the calcium requirements and recommendations that are crucial for a healthy lifestyle.
What was mostly important to the audience is the part where Mrs. Sawsan discussed the results of the statistics that were made in the school to track the prevalence of obesity between the children.

These statistics were done by the dietitians of the diet center with the help of the teachers as a crucial part of the unique venture between Diet Center and RHHS.

 H.E. Mrs. Bahia Hariri emphasized on  this year’s school theme which is the “insurance of nutritious food”  with the help of the diet center to promote optimum health and nutrition for children and teenagers in their most important developmental years of age. How? By allowing access to healthy food during school hours along with nutrition awareness through nutrition classes included in the curriculum. 

At the end, the attendees enjoyed a healthy buffet with the signature of the diet center that included low fat pastries and desserts that stressed on the idea of healthy food being also full of taste!

Mission fashion

Mission fashion, a Reality TV show broadcasted by LBC began on the 17th of October 2008 to select a top model and a fashion designer out of twenty contestants. With it, the Diet Center started from October to November 2008 to supply these contestants with nutritional advice, diet programs suitable for models, and not to forget healthy delicious food. During the show, Mrs. Sawsan Wazzan Jabri, co-owner and general manager of the Nutrition and Diet Center, spread awareness to the contestants and the audience and gave the models nutrition lessons once a week discussing many essential topics the life of models such as eating disorders, vitamin deficiencies, and healthy eating. In addition, the diet center participated in the show in other ways where Miss. Racha Adib, a dietitian at the Diet Center, offered the contestants nutritional consultations and diet programs according to each individual, along with weekly weigh in of the models. Diet Center also provided the show members with special and healthy food for the fashion designers and the models with special additions such as green tea to improve metabolism and preserve the skin.

Congratulations from the Diet Center to Mirvat from Palestine and Sabrina from Algeria for winning the show!

women’s auxiliary of the American University of Beirut.

The Nutrition and Diet Center held a seminar entitled ‘’Food full of taste, good for health, the key to active living’’ on March 10 th, 2011 at AUB’s West Hall, Bathish Auditorium. The lecture was given by Mrs. Sawsan Wazzan Jabri, Chief Dietitian and Co Owner of the Nutrition and Diet Center. It was organized by the women’s auxiliary of the American University of Beirut.

The lecture discussed many topics of interest to the audience, such as obesity, food safety techniques (proper cleaning, food separation, cooking and chilling), as well as the revolutionary ACT (Aggressive Cholesterol Treatment) program designed by Diet Center for the purpose of reducing blood cholesterol level.
The lecture also highlighted the importance of a balanced diet and demonstrated what a serving of each food group is, which shocked the audience in terms of how much we tend to overeat.

Mrs Sawsan Wazzan-Jabri hosted a buffet later on for all the invitees to try the food that are healthy and full of taste.

Diet Center and Tatra’s Seminar

The Nutrition and Diet Center held a seminar entitled Osteoporosis: How to keep your bones healthy on June 8th, 2011 in Issam Fares Auditorium @ the American University of Beirut.

This seminar is the result of the cooperation of STCI (Tatra Group) and the Diet Center.

The speakers were Dr. Said Saghieh, Assistant professor of clinical surgery and Mrs. Sawsan Wazzan Jabri, chief dietitian of the Nutrition and Diet Center and her team.

Dr. Said discussed Osteoporosis from the medical aspect; he explained the diagnosis, symptoms, prevention and treatment of this medical condition.

Mrs. Sawsan wazzan Jabri and her team followed his presentation by emphasizing on the importance of nutrition to prevent and treat osteoporosis.

They explained in details the risk factors : Family history,Sex hormones,Excessive sports, Sedentary lifestyle,Excessive alcohol,Thyroid problems,Smoking,Increased protein intake,Malnutrition,History of fractures,High consumption of carbonated beverages,High consumption of caffeine,Use of certain medications.

In addition, they mentioned the calcium and Vitamin D requirements and recommendations that are crucial for prevention and treatment.

In brief, the presentation was of interest to the audience and highly interactive.

At the end, a calcium rich buffet made with Tatra Milk was offered by the Diet Center

Arab Idol

Being the pioneers in weight loss, we at Diet Center have reached the reality programs since 2003! The start was with Star academy then Superstar, Mission Fashion and Beauty clinic.

Now in 2012 Arab Idol

A healthy lifestyle is a must for everyone even the stars J

Watch us take part in the making of the star Nadia Manfoukh on Arab Idol on MBC in the extra episodes every Wednesday at 8:30pm (Lebanon time) or 6:30pm GMT

Bank Audi

Bank Audi employees benefit from the catering services of the diet center; they are eating healthy low-calories highly-tasty food aiming to stay fit while working. A wide selection of the daily dishes, colorful salads, hot and cold sandwiches, delicious bakeries and desserts are delivered to the work place. Not only food is delivered to Bank Audi, in addition to that there are the free consultations with the diet center dietitians who visit the employees’ offices to explain the best ways to choose and eat in a healthy way.


What’s the importance of healthy eating? How can healthy snacking affect students’ concentration? What are the bad effects of unhealthy food on health? Well, Mrs Sawsan Wazzan Jabri put an end to all these question marks on October 9th 2012, in a small lecture given to an audience of students and faculty at AUST. It was held in AUST cafeteria, Block A.

Mrs Wazzan started her talk briefing about the history of diet center and its mission: Nutrition and Diet center was first created in Lebanon in 1990 and was the first center in the middle east that is dedicated to the nutritional health. It has been spreading awareness in the area and educating people for more than 20 years

Diet Center chose AUST because it cares about students’ health and it was interested in spreading health awareness in the university.

Knowing that people especially students need to pay attention to what they eat: Having a large order of fries or a bag of chips after class may give a temporary boost, but a snack this high in fat and calories will only slow you down in the long run! And causes obesity, heart diseases…

Nutrition and Diet Center was happy to announce that it started catering healthy meals for this year at AUST Bloc A to avoid all the side effects of bad snacking.

Healthy snacking : improves overall health, controls cravings, fights weight gain, regulates mood, boosts brain power and gives you the energy & concentration you need to keep going all day

Students will be able to enjoy:

Delicious manakish (e.g thyme that is rich in antioxidant)

Croissants (eg.chocolat croissant that is rich in magnesium for a better mood), cookies, dried fruits mixes

Mouthwatering burgers, sandwiches

Fresh salads (e.g tabbouleh, Mexican all colorful and rich in antioxidants to protect you from diseases) for lunch
And many more…

But Don’t forget to exercise, after all a healthy lifestyle is the combination between healthy eating and sports. Why? Exercise benefits every part of your body, including the mind. It lowers the risk of diseases and helps you get in shape, sleep better and spend your days in a better mood and good concentration.
All in all, the lecture was a success. Attendees had the chance to enjoy a healthy Buffet after the seminar,They were delighted with low fat but delicious pastries and sweets.

The Islamic Center

The Nutrition and Diet Center held a seminar entitled "التغذية الصحية لتنمية المناعة "on November 12th, 2012 in The Islamic Center المركز الاسلامي"” in Aecha Bakkar.

The speakers were Mrs. Sawsan Wazzan Jabri, chief dietitian of the Nutrition and Diet Center and Dr. Mohamad Naffi, president of the cultural committee in Islamic center.

Dr Naffi introduced Mrs Sawsan emphasizing on her role in spreading nutrition awareness in the Middle East.

Mrs. Sawsan wazzan Jabri followed with the presentation on Food and immunity, explaining how the immunity can get weakened and how to prevent that.

The importance of antioxidants present in our food in strengthening the immunity, and how can we get it in our diet.

She, finally introduced the new and innovative program of the Diet Center: The Detox diet that will be applied starting November 19th. This Diet that tends to clean our body from all the toxins plays an important role in strengthening the immunity as well.

In brief, the presentation was of interest to the audience and highly interactive.

click here to see the photos

AUB Heart Fair

On December 9th , the Aubmc held a Healthy Heart Fair in the Issam Fares Auditorium.  It was  the first of a prevention series campaign to raise awareness on the prevalence of cardiac disease in Lebanon and the importance of screening, the target audience were Males and Females (aged 30 and above) with potential risk for CV disease- high stress jobs, sedentary lifestyles, family history, comorbidities, etc

 Health talks and educational material were provided to the audience along with free screenings for the following: Blood pressure screening,Lipid testing – blood cholesterol,Blood glucose.

Along with this, the presence of the Nutrition and Diet Center was very important, having a stand and providing healthy food during the event. Mrs Sawsan and her team were involved in offering healthy food and eating tips to the attendees and didn’t spare any nutritional advice to them as a way to spread health awareness not only regarding cardiovascular diseases.

The event was of a success and the participation of the Nutrition and Diet Center was crucial!


The Nutrition and Diet center in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a seminar in Bziza School located in north Lebanon. The seminar is one of many concerning The Med Diet Project that is funded by the European Union.

The lecture talked about the Mediterranean diet, its importance and health benefits.

The attendees exceeded 300 people from several associations, students, the Red Cross and public security.

 And everyone enjoyed a buffet of traditional meals prepared by the Diet Center.

Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour

Mrs Sawsan wazzan and her team continue in giving cooking classes at Jamhour school every month.

The audience consists of working mothers, housewives interested in healthy and yummy food to cook for them and their family!

Variety of topics are being discussed in every session, from “ what to eat before exercise?”” how to have healthy meals on holidays?” to even having international cooking day like the Italian day where mouthwatering Italian recipes were prepared.

Mrs Sawsan doesn’t only give a cooking session but she explains in a small and interesting lecture the topic of the day and is always ready to answer all the questions asked and to give out very useful tips for a healthy lifestyle!

Stella Beauty clinic

On Thursday February 6th, the diet center was at Stella Beauty clinic located in Marelias.

The clinic offers a wide variety of beauty treatments and therapies, the treatments include: facials, face and body lifting, body muscle tightening, cellulite treatment and body slimming.

Throughout the day, our dietitian gave assessment and consultations to the clients that visited the clinic.

Customers had the opportunity to taste a variety of our diet center’s mouthwatering sweets and salty foods and get to buy on the spot from them as we had a selling point there.

As Our objective is not short-term weight loss, but rather teaching our valued clients how to make wise and healthy nutritional choices that will last a lifetime, we discovered that combining a healthy and well balanced diet with adequate exercise and the help of professionals along with very developed machines will get us greater and satisfying result: A healthy and Fit body without any damaging side effects!

Detox presentation

Why detox?

Does our body really need a detox diet every while?

The answer is definitely YES!

We need to detoxify our body from the harmful effects of “free radicals”.

What are free radicals?

  • They are components secreted by the body in the mitochondria (part of the cell where fat burning and energy production occur)

  • They cause damage and oxidation to the cells leading to a stop in cellular renewal

Where do free radicals come from?

  • Pollution, smoking, unhealthy food, pesticides and stress are just few causes.

  • Everyone needs to go on a detox diet to clean his body since we are all in contact with some or all of these causes.

How to detoxify our bodies?

  • The answer is very simple!

  • We need to get enough antioxidants in our diets!

What are antioxidants?

They are compounds found in food that help stop the damage of the free radicals

  • Every single item found in your menu while you are on the detox program is packed with antioxidant activity to kick out these damaging free radicals from your body!



Antioxidant rich food found on the detox menu:


  • a powerful antioxidant, that helps protect heart health and fights diabetes

Green tea

  • Rich in the antioxidant Catechin

  • Helps the immune system function well

  • Fights toxins in the body

  • Decreases high blood pressure

  • Renews cells

Onions & garlic

  • Rich in flavonoids that help boost immunity

Vital food items found on the menu:

Omega 3

  • Found in fish, salmon, walnuts and flaxseeds

  • It works as an anti-inflammatory

  • Helps boost memory

  • Fights CVD


  • Rich in probiotics, healthy bacteria, that help fights toxins and harmful bacteria in the intestines


  • Has antioxidant properties

  • Relieves menopausal symptoms

  • May lower cancer risk

  • Stronger immunity

  • Increased energy

  • Improved mood

  • Better concentration

  • Better digestion

  • Weight loss


Detox group meeting

On 5 January 2013, Mrs. Sawsan Wazzan held an introductory meeting at the Diet Center for the participants in the detox diet group 3 which starts on January 7th till 27th, 2013. During this meeting, Mrs. Wazzan discussed the detox diet and introduced the participants to this new concept. She discussed the detox menu and what the participants could add to their diet during these 3 weeks. She also explained the importance of exercising to achieve great results in this diet. The attendees had so many questions which were answered during this introductory group meeting.

Cooking Class @ Jamhour School

In the 5th of March 2013, Mrs. Sawsan Al Wazan Jabri co owner and chief dietitian of the Nutrition and Diet Center, held a cooking class at Al Jamhour School, it was the 1st cooking class from a series of 3 cooking classes.  Attendees were Parents of children subscribed to the cooking class, which was divided into: starter: Goat cheese bourses and lentil with quinoa salad (quinoa is rare type of grain with high protein quality and is typically regarded as an adequate source of all essential amino acids It is also a good source of heart-healthy magnesium, folic acid and fiber, as well as bone-building phosphorus and copper), main dish: chicken butter with rice, dessert: overnight Raspberry French toast (are a healthy fruit rich in vitamin c and contain phytonutrients called tannins that are great antioxidants to boost your immunity and fight diseases like cancer, heart disease and stroke. They are also high in anthocyanins, which have been linked to improved memory, better vision and lower risk of high blood pressure).

Tips were distributed for the attendees and comparison between healthy meal and regular meal were explained by showing the difference in calories. In addition, Mrs Sawsan explained the exchange list and didn’t spare any efficient nutrition tip to them. At the end, all of the attendees had the opportunity to taste the delicious and healthy food prepared by Mrs Sawsan Wazan jabri.    


On Tuesday Sept. 24 2013, we held a live pasta-cooking station in the cafeteria of HSBC main offices. The event included different types of pasta with different recipes. We appreciate the collaboration between Diet Center & HSBC that contributed to the wonderful success of this event.

An amazing Mexican live cooking

An amazing Mexican live cooking station and show took place @HSBC (St.George) by Diet Center, on Friday October 4, 2013. Everyone enjoyed the different tastes, colors and textures! It was hot and spicy!

Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour

Join us for fun cooking classes with Mrs Sawsan Wazzan @ Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour starting October 29th!

Chinese Day @ HSBC

A very entertaining and deeply cultured theme for this week!! A delicious menu, great company and colorful designs… Thank you to all those who contributed in making this day very special.

Souk el tayyeb day 1

As a part of the awareness campaign that the European Union is organizing in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce in Beirut and The Diet Center around the importance of the Mediterranean Diet, Souk Al Tayyeb was the chosen destination for our next event. Its popularity and its potential in attracting a highly varied audience from the nutritionally aware and educated people to others with no knowledge about the Food Pyramid, from young students to elderly farmers, made it the ideal place for us to raise awareness about the Mediterranean diet. Our dietitians were standing in two booths facing each other. One was for the educational part and the other one for the tasting part. On the first stand the dietitians were explaining to the people passing by the importance of the MedDiet and its benefits by putting in plain words the Mediterranean food pyramid and the representative food tray. Right across this stand there was a buffet prepared by the Diet Center offering at first breakfast and later on lunch. The food in this buffet was representative of the food items promoted as main components of the MedDiet. We were pleased to find that people were very responsive to our presentation.

Souk el Tayyeb day 2

Our Souk el Tayyeb experience carried on for a second day on the following Saturday. This time, our stand was placed right at the entrance of the souk in order to attract more people. As the previous week, we displayed the Med Diet pyramid accompanied by the typical Med Diet tray. Our dieticians were there to inform people about the Mediterranean diet and remind them about its health benefits. This time also, a wide number of people showed interest in learning about the Mediterranean diet. We also brought back our buffet through which we offered to people a variety of our breakfast meals as well as a selection of our lunch and dessert meals. We picked our meals to be the most representative of the Med Diet. Overall, our “Souk el tayyeb experience” turned out to be a very good one. We got the exposure to an audience who is willing to put enough effort into making better eating choices.

Visit to Jbeil

In light of our on-going collaboration with the European Union in raising awareness on the MedDiet in our region and in promoting its health benefits, we organized an educational yet fun outing for the students of Jbeil's public school. The theme of our outing was: “Olive oil, its health benefits and its importance in the MedDiet”. And what better way to learn all about olive oil than visiting its production site? So, with the support of Jbeil's municipality, we took the students to their region's famous olive mills. Young as they were (10-12 years old), we knew that teaching them about the MedDiet was going to be a challenging mission for us. However, we got the pleasurable surprise to discover how knowledgeable these students were about the making process of olive oil and how interested they were in learning all about the MedDiet. Our pictures speak for themselves

Diabetes day at AUB

On Saturday, November 16th, the Lebanese Medical Students’ International Committee – Standing Committee on Public Health (AUB) held their annual Diabetes Walk in Ein El Mrayse, Beirut.
The aim of this campaign is to spread awareness about diabetes, to elaborate on its means of prevention, and to offer ways of dealing with its many complications.
Members worked in groups and walked around talking to passers-by, and quizzed them about facts related to Diabetes. Stands were also set and they included: taking dextrose level, nutrition, patient education, prevention and mini-quizzes with prizes. It was a very successful event and hopefully with more awareness about diabetes, the Lebanese population will learn that by leading a healthy lifestyle, diabetes can be prevented.

Unesco MedDiet Event

In light of our ongoing MedDiet project which is funded by the European Union in collaboration with the CCIAB, a final big event was held on the 10th of December in UNESCO. We regrouped around 1200 students coming from 20 different schools, all of them so eager to learn about the MedDiet. Our role as The Diet Center was to provide knowledge and education to the kids in a fun non academic way. We organized activities that were held on stage and some students got the chance to participate with us. We introduced them to the MedDiet pyramid and taught them all about the Mediterranean tray with all the benefits of each food group. We even challenged their senses through a small activity of guessing food items while being blindfolded. Our pictures speak for themselves!


Moroccan cooking Class at College Notre Dame De Jamhour

As part of the series of cooking classes held at College Notre Dame De Jamhour, a Moroccan cooking class was held on February 18 2014. It began with a brief lecture about the foods and eating habits of the Moroccan culture followed by a cooking demonstration of several delicious Moroccan dishes which were “Moroccan couscous chick peas salad”, “stuffed kafta with onions and raisins” and the Moroccan dessert “ktefa”.  After the class, the attendees enjoyed tasting the different prepared dishes. Once again the Diet Center proved that healthy can be tasty too!

international college presentations

On Friday April 4th  2014, in the international college IC, the Diet Center team gave 2 awareness presentations to grade 7 students.


How can we eat in a healthy way to prevent obesity and diseases such as cholesterol and diabetes.

Students learned about the food groups, the importance of quality as well as quantity in their eating habits. They were surprised by the huge increase of portion sizes of food today compared with the past.

The presentations were really interactive and our dietitians were ready to answer all their questions.

Cooking Class At Jamhour – Chinese Theme

On Tuesday May 13, 2014 , The Diet Center held another Cooking  Class at College Notre Dame de Jamhour  and this time the theme was Chinese. Our Head Chef Jamil Khalil , showed us how to cook a variety delicious dishes starting with Noodle Red Cabbage Salad followed by Crispy Chinese Beef and Stir Fried Rice. In addition the chef demonstrated how to make the “English truffle” dessert.

After that, the class attendees were invited to taste the mouth watering creations. Another great cooking class accomplished by our great team!


Mrs.Sawsan Wazzan Jabri on Forbes list

Mrs Sawsan Wazzan Jabri,co-owner and general manager of Diet Center,currently holds the 51st ranking on Forbes list of 200 most powerful Arab Women for the year of 2014.It is a great year for Diet Center and we wish that great things continues for coming years!

Diet Center @ Naharouka


كيف يمكن التحايل على إغراءات العيد؟

موسم الأعياد هو وقت الفرح والاحتفال. وفترة عيدي الميلاد ورأس السنة تعتبر حساسة جداً حيال الغذاء السليم. كلنا نضعف أمام الاغراءات التي يقدمها عيد الميلاد من مأكولات لذيذة وحلويات شهيّة مثل "البوش" و"الترافيل" وغيرهما. كل ما عليك فعله لكسب 3 كيلوغرامات من الآن وحتى نهاية فترة الأعياد هو تناول 200 سعرة حرارية، أكثر مما تحتاجه في اليوم الواحد: قضمة حلوى من هنا، ملعقة إضافية من المرق هناك، قطعة فطيرة ثانية... الأعياد تشجع الناس عادةً على إلتهام الأطعمة الغنيّة بالدهون ذات السعرات الحرارية العالية، والمنخفضة في المواد الغذائيّة. أضف إلى ذلك، أننا نعاني في هذه الفترة من الكسل، ونفضل أن ننسى ممارسة الرياضة.
هل ترغب في محاربة زيادة الوزن خلال الأعياد؟ طبعاً ترغب، لكنك لا تعرف كيف يمكن تحقيق التوازن بين تناول الأكل الصحي والاستمتاع بهذه الفترة الاحتفاليّة من السنة؟ حسناً، عليك أولاً اتباع مبادىء الأكل الصحي للحدّ من أخطار زيادة الوزن غير المرغوب فيها. وتالياً، الإستعانة بهذه النصائح:
 تناول وجبة خفيفة وصحية:
قبل أن تذهب للاحتفال تناول وجبة خفيفة غنية بالألياف مثل: الفواكه أو قطع قليلة من بسكويت القمح لتساعدك في الحد من شهيّتك وتمنعك من تناول كميات كبيرة من الطعام .
 إحرص على تناول الطعام ببطء:
يحتاج الدماغ إلى 20 دقيقة ليسجل حالتي الامتلاء والشبع. لذا، استمتع بوجبات الطعام الخاصة بك من طريق التلذّذ بنكهة كل قضمة .
 تذكر: معظم الفواكه والخضراوات مخفضة الدهون، وتحتوي على نسبة عالية من الفيتامينات والألياف والمعادن. إبدأ الطعام بتناول كمية كبيرة من السلطة الطازجة مع عصير الليمون والقليل من زيت الزيتون، ولا تنسَ أن تختار الفواكه الطازجة للتحلية.
لا تحرم جسمك من الدسم، لكن تناوله بكميات قليلة:
الاكثار من استهلاك الدهون يؤدي إلى زيادة الوزن. لذا، يجب الحد من استهلاك المواد الغذائية التي تحتوي على الكريمة والطعام المحضّر مع الجبن، كجزء من المكوّنات الرئيسيّة، والأطعمة المقليّة، وكذلك الطعام مع الدهون الواضحة كجلد اللحوم والدواجن.

حدد نوع الحصة وكميتها:
التركيز على جودة وليس كمية المواد الغذائيّة. وتالياً، لا تحتاج إلى حرمان نفسك من الطعام المفضّل لديك. تناول كميات صغيرة منه وتجنّب الانتقال الى النوع الثاني. يمكنك أيضاً محاولة استخدام أطباق صغيرة لتناول الطعام بحيث تبدو ممتلئة بالطعام .

 شرب الكحول والمشروبات المحلاة بكميات قليلة:
كثر من الناس لا يدركون أن استهلاك كميات كبيرة من الكحول أو المشروبات المحلاة، قد يؤدي إلى زيادة الوزن. لذا، قد تحتاج الى الحدّ من تناول هذه المشروبات. اطلب مثلاً المياه العادية أو المعدنية أو الشاي المثلّج و غير المحلى أو المشروبات الغازية الخالية من السكر أو التي تحتوي على كمية قليلة.
تحضير الطعام في موسم الأعياد
سواء كنت تطبخ لمأدبة عيد الميلاد أو رأس السنة لأصدقائك وعائلتك، يمكنك أن تختار هذه الطرق الصحية:
 إستخدم المكوّنات الصحية:
 يمكنك تقليل كمية الدهون والصوديوم لتحضير طبق صحي. لذا، ابحث عن المحتويات المنخفضة / الخالية من الدهون ، أو المنخفضة / الخالية من الملح أو الصوديوم، على الملصقات الغذائيّة. يمكنك الإستعانة مثلاً بحليب قليل أو منخفض الدسم، صلصة الصويا منخفضة الصوديوم .
وتذكر أن تستخدم كميات قليلة من الزيت والملح والسكر في الأطباق .
 إستخدم الحبوب الكاملة:
زيادة نسبة الألياف والمغذيّات في الطبق من طريق استخدام مكوّنات الحبوب الكاملة، مثلاً
(إستبدل الطحين الأبيض بطحين الحبوب الكاملة لتحضير كعك عيد الميلاد، وخبز الحبوب الكاملة عوض الخبز العادي في تحضير خبز "البودينغ").  
إختر أساليب الطبخ الصحية:
إستخدم أساليب الطبخ الصحيّة مثل الغلي، والبخار، والخبز، والتحميص أو الشوي هذه الأساليب تقلل من كمية الدهون في الطبق. على سبيل المثال، يمكنك تحقيق النتيجة نفسها لقلي المقرمش باستخدام طريقة صحيّة أكثر هي الخبز.
إصنع الحلويات الصحية:
كثر من الناس يعانون ضعفاً تجاه الشوكولا، وخصوصاً النساء. وقد أثبتت دراسات عدة أن إدمان بعض النساء على الشوكولا، يكون سببه النقص في الماغنيزيوم. وهذا ما يفسر زيادة تناول الشوكولا قبل الدورة الشهرية. ولكن الشيء الجيد أنه يوجد طرق صحيّة لإشباع الأدمان لديك والبقاء على الطريق الصحيح. تستطيع الحصول على 30غراماً من الشوكولا الأسود المفيد للقلب أو بدلاً منه. لماذا لا تستخدم الفواكه الطازجة كمكوّن أساسي لصنع الحلويات؟ مثلاً: اللبن بالفواكه المثلج، سلطة الفواكه مع اللبن والرمان والتفاح المخبوز.

Cookies خفيفة لعيد الميلاد
  المكوّنات (قطعتان لكلّ شخص تحتوي على 150 وحدة حرارية)
  بسكويت Cookies:
  5 أكواب أو 700 غ من الدقيق العادي.  
  ملعقتا طعام أو 30 غ من مسحوق الزنجبيل المجفف.
  4 ملاعق صغيرة أو 20 غ من القرفة المطحونة.
  ملعقة صغيرة من أكباش القرنفل المطحونة.
  ملعقة صغيرة من جوزة الطيب المسحوق.
  ½ ملعقة صغيرة من "بايكينغ الصودا".
  ملعقة صغيرة من الملح.
  3 ملاعق كبيرة من الزيت.
  كوب أو 100 غ من السكر الأسمر.
  بيضتان مخفوقتان قليلاً.
  علبة أو 400 غ من الحليب المكثّف المحلّى والخالي الدسم.
  للتغليف بالسكر الناعم:
  1 من زلال البيض.
  كوبان أو 320 غ من السكر البودرة (المنخول).
  ملعقة صغيرة من مسحوق"الفانيلا".
  ملعقتا طعام أو 30 مل من الماء الساخن.

طريقة التحضير
  يُحمّى الفرن مسبقاً على حرارة 180 درجة مئويّة وتوضَع الصينيّة في داخله. يُمزج الطحين مع "بيكربونات الصّودا" والملح والبهارات في وعاء كبير.
  في وعاء آخر، يخفق الزيت مع السكر الأسمر إلى أن يصبح المزيج لزجاً.
  يُضاف البيض ويتمّ الاستمرار في المزج لمدّة دقيقة إضافيّة. يُضاف مزيج الطحين إلى الزيت والسكّر على ثلاث مراحل منفصلة وتُخفق المكوّنات إلى أن يُمزج الطحين جيداً. يجب أن تكون عجينة بسكويت كوكيز متماسكة نسبيّاً. تُقسم العجينة إلى قسمين.
  يُغطّى كل منهما بورق بلاستيكيّ ويوضعان في البراد لمدّة ساعتين حتى تصبح قاسية. تمد العجينة على سطح مغطّى جيداً بالطحين.
  تُقطّع العجينة وفقاً للشكل المناسب (نجوم...).
  توضع القطع على ورق "المينيوم"، وتُترك مسافة سنتيمتر واحد في ما بينها.
  تُخبز لمدّة 10- 12 دقيقة بحسب حجم البسكويت. يكون البسكويت قد نضج عندما يصبح طرفه بنيّاً ذهبيّاً. للحصول على بسكويت مقرمش أكثر، يُخبز لدقيقتَين إضافيتَين.
  للتغليف: يُخفق بياض البيض. يُضاف السكر الناعم على دفعات للتأكّد من تمازجه بالكامل. تُضاف "الفانيليا" والماء. وأخيراً، يُمزج التغليف لمدّة 3-4 دقائق، إلى أن يصبح ناعماً ومتماسكاً.

جدول المقارنة بين المأكولات الصحيّة و غير الصحيّة
شوربة كريما دسمة     400 وحدة حرارية
كوب شوربة خضر بدون زيت     25 وحدة حرارية
حبة فطاير/ معجنات مقلية     120-150 وحدة حرارية
حبة فطائر مشويّة     50  وحدة حرارية
طبق سلطة دون زيت      50 وحدة حرارية
طبق سلطة مع "مايونيز"     300 وحدة حرارية
طبق حبش العيد  كامل الدسم      650 وحدة حرارية
طبق حبش العيد  قليل الدسم     350 وحدة حرارية
حلويات مثل قطعة البوش Buche De Noel      350 وحدة حرارية
قطعة البوش المصنوعة بمحتويات قليلة الدسم      150 وحدة حرارية


Being the pioneers in spreading health awareness and contributing in helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle, The Diet Center launched its Fit Beach Outlet at Riviera Hotel on June 1st 2012. Invitees enjoyed a cocktail on the sunset signed by Diet Center.

This summer season, people will go to the beach, enjoy the sun, swim and eat guilt free from the varieties of items of the diet center present there.

Have a wonderful summer vacation at Riviera Hotel! (34).JPG

Being the pioneer in spreading nutritional awareness to all schools over Lebanon

Being the pioneer in spreading nutritional awareness to all schools over Lebanon,

On Tuesday 8th of may 2012, The Diet center held a seminar in Sagesse High school, Fanar entitled “صحتك كنزك "on the importance of healthy eating on our health, the risks of Obesity and its health complications.

Mrs. Sawsan Wazzan Jabri and her team talked about how to reach an ideal body weight for different ages, what are cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure and how they are related to a bad health. They emphasized on lifestyle changes for better health, the importance of exercise and the healthy nutrition choices away from bad fats such as Trans fats.

Mrs. Sawsan hosted later a buffet for the invitees to taste the Diet Center guilt free yet mouthwatering food.

Diet Center in Driven

The goal of the appearance of Diet Center in Driven was to pinpoint the importance of Nutrition in the world of Sports; we volunteered to be part of this show that is watched by many, specifically in the 1st episode of its 4th season. We offered the 3 hosts of the show full meals (Salad + Main dish + Juice) and explained why each of them got a specific meal, in the hopes to raise their awareness about sports nutrition and that of their viewers.


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