The Nutrition & Diet Center was founded by Mrs. Sawsan Wazzan Jabri and Mr. Rifaat Jabri in the early 1990's

The aim was to provide high quality nutritious meals, sweets and diet-shelved items to a market that was completely lacking the knowledge in this area.

The concept of health and wellbeing was starting to develop. As it gained strength in Lebanon, the owners decided to expand their experience to other countries starting with Saudi Arabia. To achieve this, a strong and reliable counterpart was necessary and the Nutrition and Diet Center teamed up with a leading Saudi company specialized in Institutional Catering in general, and in Healthcare Catering in particular.

The Nutrition & Diet Center Holding Co. became responsible for promoting and managing the franchises. The first experience took place in Riyadh in 1996, then in Jeddah in 1999, Cairo in 2000, Kuwait in 2000, and Qatar in 2004

From a Challenging idea to a successful franchise

Founded in Lebanon in 1990 by dedicated specialists, the Nutrition and Diet Center is the first dedicated diet and weight loss health center in the Middle East. The Nutrition
and Diet Center’s mission goes beyond the concept of weight loss, to that of
helping the region’s communities achieve a better way of living.

As pioneers in the region, we are gratified that The Diet Center effort has led our regional governments to place good nutrition practices on their agenda.
Awareness being the prime drive affecting people’s behavior, our continuous efforts to build it through a number of media and sponsorship efforts, as well as interactive groups, have helped bring positive action against the illnesses that affect the region, where 1 in 5 people suffers from diabetes or other obesity related disease. 
We are proud of our track record and achievements.
We are making a difference in the lives and health of our communities through our centers in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait and Qatar. That was the dream, now a
reality which brought the first Diet Center to life.


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